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Anonymous: So thankful for this page. It's wonderful to know that you aren't the only writer who struggles with things like this, especially when I start to doubt my writing.

I’m honestly glad to read this. The whole purpose of this blog is for writers to know that there are common struggles among the whole community in relation to getting words down on paper :)

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Submitted by Kelly

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Submitted by Kelly

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Anonymous: How do you start a good novel?

This is a very broad question. I can tell you to map out your story. Very often, I’m in the middle of a piece, and writer’s block hits me like a train. It’s nice to have some idea of where you’re going with your story by maybe outlining what’s going to happen chapter by chapter. Also, it may work to start a story from the very end or even in the meaty middle of the story. Don’t be afraid to change things around from time to time. You can change some characters, delete them, add them, change their names, change the surroundings/environments of the characters, even maybe change the way the plot plays out. Whatever works for your story. There’s so many ways to begin a novel, and these are just a few. 

Hope I helped :)

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Does anyone know where i can find a template on which I can post submissions? I can’t use my old one, and I’ve been searching for a new one that I can use but have yet to find it. If you can help, that would be greatly appreciated :)